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I am a creative human: I act, direct, sing, write and make music. I teach the things I love and love the things I teach. I am a New Yorker by way of the Jersey bridges and tunnels and currently — unexpectedly — a resident of the southwest, where I’m on faculty at Oklahoma City University’s School of Theatre. I am remarkably good at helping other creative people develop, manifest and refine their gifts while balancing life and art. I often work solo, but need my tribe. I am a radiant introvert. I am intrigued by all things metaphysical and occult, a lover of silence, poetry, music and visual art, slightly obsessed with apple cider vinegar, organic skincare and my dogs (not in that order), and I am always seeking. I have wide interests and a deep need to find the connection between seemingly disparate things. Thanks for stopping by this site. May our paths cross in real time and real places on real projects one day.